Monthly Archives: August 2023

Enlightened Brewery

  James and Tommy, co-owners of Enlightened Brewery Company, have been creating tasty beer for Milwaukeans for some time. They recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. James was a former student of mine, and to say I’m proud would be a bit of an understatement. What better way to enjoy a beverage than to be greeted… Read more »

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Monet with Pigeons

  Based on the photo from 1908, with his wife in Venice, I can’t help but smile at how humbled Monet may have felt in this moment. Arguably one of history’s most important artists, his presence seems lost on the pigeons.

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George Rodrigue’s “A Night Alone”

This was a custom order from fans of George Rodrigue, the famed artist from NOLA artist. The ghost, Julie, sits atop his gallery. From the galleries website…”The building is also a stop on the nightly New Orleans ghost tours. Some 150 years ago a young woman named Julie, mistress to an Uptown businessman, wanted desperately… Read more »

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