Looking to Host a Painting Party? Let’s Talk!

I had a pretty rough childhood. I grew up in poverty with a very difficult dad. So I often found myself trying to escape from the stress of daily life by pulling out my paints and painting my little army figurines with toothpicks. Fast forward to my young adult years, and as I was trying to figure out life, I again found myself returning to art.

Art always has been my stress buster and emotional release, and now as an adult I love to help other individuals see how fun and therapeutic it can be. Not only can you feel yourself calm down and release while doing art, it nurtures emotional growth, helps with memory, problem solving and motor skills. Plus, art is really good at fostering a positive attitude.

Now combine the process of art with let’s say 15-30 of your closest friends, while listening to some really good music along with a glass of wine and well, it’s more than fun, relaxing and therapeutic…it’s a party.

I recently hosted a painting party for 40 people, ages 15-60+, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. It was a great time. For this particular party we decided to create portraits imitating the famous artist Modigliani on 16″ x 20″ canvases. We chose this project because Modigliani’s portraits focus on clean lines that anyone can be taught to emulate.  The results of the night were fantastic (see below), and the smiles on everyone’s faces along with laughter that rang out from the event was priceless.

If you are interested in hosting a private painting party at your home or place of business reach out to me at thfendos@yahoo.com. I’d love to help you have some fun and create a lasting work of art for your home.  Each class will start with a brief overview and bio of the artist.  Party themes can include:

Self-Portraits-Modigliani style
Sunflowers – Van Gogh style
Starry Milwaukee Night – Van Gogh style of Milwaukee’s skyline
Flowers- Georgia O’Keefe
Monet’s water lilies
Picasso’s faces
Kandinky’s circles
Keith Haring designs
Psychodelic insects

We can work together to come up with an idea that is sure to leave your guests smiling and feeling a lot more relaxed and creative when they leave.

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